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The 2016 Men’s and Women’s Toro Interprovincials are now behind us. The Men’s title went to a dominant Wellington in the final who overcame a brave Otago 5-0 at New Plymouth Golf Club. For Otago it was a 3rd successive loss in the final and I imagine this one will be no easier to swallow despite the fact they were not considered to be a contender this time around. Overall the matches were generally closely fought with 3-2 being a very common score line. For the Taranaki team they finished a credible 8th with 2 wins 3 losses and a half – which was against the eventual winners. With all 3 losses showing a 3-2 score it was very much a case of what could have been.




As expected the Women’s crown was once again placed on the heads of Auckland who looked a class above the rest of the field for the whole tournament. That said their opponents in the final Bay of Plenty pushed them harder than any other team losing 3-2 at Westown. With the final played in horrendous conditions that were even too wet and windy for the ducks, the match was decided on the 18th hole when Auckland’s no 5 Carmen Lim made a 7 foot putt to secure a one up victory over Mary Lines.  Whilst there are no certainties in life, it is very hard to imagine that you will not be hearing more about Carmen Lim. Having just turned 13 years of age this week, she plays golf off a 0.1 handicap and has all the hallmarks of becoming another golfing superstar. At this event however even the youngster Lim was very much in the shadows of her team mate Munchin Keh who was unstoppable at no 2 winning all 8 matches. As with the men the Women’s team finished in 8th place, with the team were happy to win the 3 matches they had targeted at the start of the tournament. Probably the most noticeable difference between the two tournaments is the gap between the strongest teams and weakest ones. In the men’s event whilst the chance of overall victory is unlikely for the majority of teams, matches can still be competitive; however in the Women’s event the same cannot be said. In sectional play there were 23 matches with a score line of 4-1 or more. Whilst this is only seven more than in the Men’s tournament, many individual results were much more one-sided. Taranaki Golf’s proposal earlier in the year to introduce a two division format with promotion and relegation was unsuccessful with the vast majority of districts happy to retain the status quo. Based on our provinces own situation regarding player numbers, it is difficult to see how there will be any change next year for the smaller districts.




Whilst the Interprovincials are very much about the golf and the players involved, there are a group of people to whom the players owe a huge debt of gratitude, the staff and volunteers. In both instances New Plymouth and Westown golf clubs should be rightfully proud of all the effort that went into making both events a success. Strictly speaking the tournaments are run by NZ Golf and as such they have overall control in running them. However nothing would be possible without the army of volunteers and staff that were on hand for the duration of the event. Whilst the majority came from the host clubs  there were volunteers from around the district. A lot of the work that went on in preparing the courses started months ago and in both cases the courses were presented in the best ways possible. For Westown the wet spring made it particularly challenging. During the tournaments there was no lack of help in acting as team managers, scorers, spotters, referees, caddies, etc. and without these people the two events would not have been the success that they were. 




Tumahu Golf Club held their Christmas hamper last Sunday. The best Gross of the day went to Joseph Doyle with a 3 under par 67. In the Senior division Bruce Sim 72-9-63 won the net and Paul Spurdle 40 points won the stableford.   Glen Kennedy 77-15-62 won the Intermediate net and            Peter Smyth 43 points, the stableford. In the Juniors Rex Hodson 88-25-63 finished 1st net and Colin Harrison 46 points was 1st stableford.  The Ladies net was won by Ann-Marie Siciliano and Dianne Forsyth 36 points was 1st Stableford




A field of 150 men and women played at Ngamotu on Sunday in the New Plymouth Hamper. Played in blustery south westerly winds which made scoring challenging Te Ngutu’s James Malone had the best gross score of the day with a 3 over par 75. New Plymouth golfer Don Armstrong – 38 points was 1st Stableford in the Senior Division. Kevin Bishop – Kaitake won the Intermediate division with 39 points and fellow Kaitake golfer Neil Farrant – 46 points won the Junior division. Joanne McDonald had the best gross of the 23 ladies playing with a 89. Jo Broadmore- Manukorihi 38 points finished 1st stableford and Kaitake’s Debra Johnson 2nd with 38 points.




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