Women's Weekend Pennant Results


3rd Round Women’s Weekend Pennant
Manukorihi GC Sunday 26th March


INGLEWOOD 3½ v NEW PLYMOUTH 1½:  M. Wilson bt   V. McEldowney 1 up, M. Messenger bt S. Plimmer 1 up, S. Willans lost to S. Lahood 5/4, D. Masters & J. Cleaver A/S, J. Wilson bt R. McKernan  7/6






WESTOWN 2 v MANAIA 3: A. Kretschmar bt D. Morresey   1 up,  K. Pattison lost to F. Ford 4/2,  H. Busing lost to J. Higgins 4/3, D. Stewart lost C. Koch 4/2, S. Lee bt D. Gibbs 4/2






KAITAKE 3 v HAWERA 2 : J. Koch & T. Kumeroa A/S, D. Jones bt S. Goble  3/2, J. Farrant lost to T. Steele  4/3, K. Woodward & J. Shera A/S, P. Gray bt R. Gemmell  3/1






TE NGUTU 1 ½ v MANUKORIHI 3 ½:  D. McCallum & C. Ogle A/S,  A. Braithwaite bt L. Elliot 2 up,  K. Mihaljevich & N. Mancer A/S, E. Wilson lost to R. Scholtz 7/5, M. Bunker lost to J. Broadmore 2/1





Next Round Westown GC Sunday the 2nd April.





Points to date: Manukorihi 6, Te Ngutu 4, Kaitake 5, Manaia, Westown, Inglewood & Hawera 2, New Plymouth 1


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