Golf News

The 2018 Men's Pennants begin this weekend with rounds at Kaitake and Waverley Golf Clubs with a number of changes in place. Firstly the Senior Invitational Pennant competition that had run for the past 4 years has ended and is replaced by a club based senior pennant competition. This will run at the same time as the handicap pennant with teams of 4 players competing in two divisons of 4 teams. As with the handicpa pennant the teams will play singles and four-ball concurrently over 18 holes. Teams from 7 clubs are competing and Taranaki Golf are hoping that by making it a club based event more intense competition will be found with most of the district's leading players competing. The event is not a straight gross matchplay with golfers playing of a half handicap against each other  and the maximum allowed handicap index for the competiiton will be 10. Golfers on a plus handicap will play "off scratch" . 

This year's Handicap pennant  also has a couple of changes with all teams now playing across Taranaki rather than in a North and Taranaki wide zone. The biggest change is that all  golfers will receive strokes on the stroke holes that they are allocated a stroke. Effectively meaning that the hole will be won by the golfer with the best net. This will apply to the senior competition as well.

With 20 teams split in to 4 divisions of 5 there will be two "cross over" matches each week to ensure all teams play 5 matches in the round robin. In the case of clubs that have 2 teams in the competition the two teams will play each other on their home course.

In divison one defending champions Waverley begin their defence at home against local rivals Patea in a cross over clash. Tumahu play Westown with neither team likely to have ventured down to Waverley in a number of years. The other match is Inglewood 1  v Fitzroy 1 . Division 2  also sees an Inglewood  v Fitzroy clash involving the two no2 teams, whilst Westown 2 will play Pungarehu. In the  Senior matches at Waverley  New Plymouth White play Manaia and Manukorihi play Te Ngutu.

At Kaitake the senior matches see New Plymouth Blue take on Inglewood and Westown play Fitzroy. Matches in the Handicap Pennant are: Divison 3: Manukorihi 1 v Waitara, Te Ngutu 1 v Eltham. Divison 4: Te Ngutu 2 v New Plymouth, Manukorihi 2  v Manaia and the Cross over tie sees the 2 Kaitake teams meet.